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my blog is organized into different journals. these entries range from vague to very personal and detailed and often include content that may not be suitable for all audiences (nsfw, suicide, substances, so so emo etc.) consider urself warned. click to open each journal.

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Loving (and Caring is) What Kills Me

guest room murphy bed
june 11, 1:07am

I've been toying with the idea of reclaiming my trauma. Reclaiming the violation, the trespassing, the existing to be useful, that made me think I was meant to be broken for so long. Shattering shattering shattering like glass shattering sounds in the songs I write, hypomanic, or not quite hypomanic enough every April. A chicken or the egg question, am I fucking everyone or is everyone trying to fuck me? It's all a blur anyway- I can't keep track of who I end up in bed with. I never said no, so it has to all be okay.