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about this website

There's a thin line between incomprehensible rambling and some of my best work. They're all created in some sort of haze where I'm up all night and surprised by how fast the sun comes up, so dissociated and confused about dreams and reality. In the daytime everything outside of me is just shapes that don't mean anything. But a lot of the time people tell me they like the things I make that start off as ideas I'm scared of being crazy and delusional for having. No, you shouldn't romanticize the productive parts of hypomania. But it also doesn't mean none of it is worth anything or meaningful to you.

about me

some ways ive described myself:
★im like if a tumblr gxrl was a boyblogger
★just comorbid bpd&bipolar-fueld rage and hope (hand in hand) in the shape of a cat boy in the shape of a gxrl computer
★what makes a computer a gxrl or a boy? the same things that make any of us those things i suppose....

this website is my love letter 2 neocities